Get to Know Me: From A to Z

Hi! I discovered this kind of post on some other blogs. I have found fun the idea! I will share some things about me from A to Z. The challenge, I want to find things who have no direct relation to my mental health. I had some really tough times these very last days with my anxiety & obsessional thoughts and I need to clear my head with something else. I hope that you could enjoy this post!

Airplane – I love take airplanes.

Blankets – I’m obsessed with my cozy blankets from Saranoni. I sleep every night with my blankets even in travel.

Cozy – It’s all my life, I need cozy everywhere!

Disneyland – I was on a birthday trip at Disneyland Paris last year, I want just to come back many times.

East – I live in the east of France.

Firework – I love to take photo sessions of fireworks.

Goals – I love to create me some goals particularly yearly & monthly.

Hot tub – I don’t love so much pool but hot tub, yes!

Inspirations – I love to find inspirations in my life. Pinterest is my best friend for that.

Jigsaw puzzles – I love to do puzzles.

Kondo – Marie Kondo, I love his genius ideas to keep things organized.

Law and Order: SVU – My favorite tv show. EVER.

Minimalism – I’m a minimalist since a few years now and I love to embrace this lifestyle.

Nice, France – Nice is my favorite city in France.

Organization – I love to organize. I feel better when all is organized around me.

Philips Hue Go – My favorite therapy lamp. I talk about here.

Quotes – Quotes are my motivation in my everyday life.

Rowling – J. K. Rowling, I’m currently reading my first Harry Potter book and I can tell, I love it.

Skiing – I started one year ago and I love skiing!

Traveling – I have it in my heart. Traveling is in my big projects in the future.

UGG – My favorite shoes ever, my classic UGG boots. So comfortable!

Videos – I love photography but I love so much create videos and spend times to editing them.

Winter – It’s my favorite season of all.

Xmas – Favorite time of the year.

Yoyo – I always dreamed to have one.

Zalando – It’s my favorite place to order clothes because there is the option “buy and pay 30 days later only”, it’s really cool, when you are not sure at 100%.


Isn’t cool? I loved to do this post! It was a challenge but it was fun.




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