Frozen Celebration to Disneyland Paris Video

What challenge has been to create this video! The Frozen Celebration to Disneyland Paris is an all new season who has started on January 11st, 2020 and is supposed to wrap on May 3rd, 2020.

A lot of annual pass holders has been disappointed by this season because they compare it to The Lion King & Jungle Festival presented last summer BUT I’m totally disagree with them with what I lived during this season! Everybody know that the Winter weather to Paris and in France is bad. It’s cold, very often rainy and this year we had even multiple storms. I had the privilege (or not) to be in Disneyland Paris during the Ciara storm in February. Right! It’s could to be totally illogical they place much money on some shows who must often canceled because of the weather conditions. Yes! Because, during my trip in February & March, it was rainy every day and I had so many cancelations. With yet normally, four show representations of the Frozen 2: An Enchanted Journey by day. I had more of shows canceled than I could saw!

Right! It was a challenge to shoot videos or take photos with all these shows canceled. I wanted to go back from my February’s trip with my Frozen Celebration video to edit BUT I couldn’t with all the shows canceled and the rain. In my March’s trip, despite that the weather was also bad AND they have even canceled one show in the middle because of the rain, the weather was a bit better sometimes and I could to see and so right filming more shows. Because for my videos (and because I love that), I watch many times the same shows to filming under different angles! I have managed to do it in March! How happy I’m about that!

I don’t know if I could to see again the Frozen 2: An Enchanted Journey before the end of the season, with the current Coronavirus situation, probably not. Disneyland Paris has announced not who could be closed until the 15th April or a future date, but until further noticed. It’s a bit hard do not have of date! And I’m sad because Disneyland Paris could not be open on his birthday on 12th April. But now, one thing who is sure that I want and to do the maximum to be in the park, THE DAY where they could re-open to support them. I have done multiple reservations on different weeks, months on Booking that I could switch or move when they could to announce that they could re-open. Currently, it’s my highest reason to live!

Right! Let’s a look on my cinematic video of the Frozen Celebration to Disneyland Paris, filmed in March 2020 with a Canon EOS and EF 18-135mm.



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