Friday Favorites: Short and Sweet

Hi! it’s time like every fridays, I share my favorites of the week.

Today, that will be a short (but sweet) friday favorites.

Watching Modern Family, I watching a lot Modern Family, all long days, all seasons, all episodes.

in cozy with my blanket.

This cat was really different this week, he comes all times in my room, wants snuggles with me, I’m sit on my office chair… he jumps and sits behind me…

I’m on my rug and he wants jump on me.

I’m sit on the edge of my bed, he comes and sits next to my legs because I’m not allowed him to climb on my bed it not he could jumps on.

Sometimes it was a little so much that all time he is clued to me but it was good also and it’s my favorite.


That’s wrap my short and sweet friday favorites.

See you monday.


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