Friday Favorites // New Year Edition

Well! I hope that you have done this first week of 2019 better than me. I had so much anxiety, I tried to breathe at each time but it’s so much harder. But I feel that I need to continue again and again, and that’s could work. I don’t like the new years start! But one thing that I love so much in the beginning of the year, it’s starting a new planner. It’s my second year with an Erin Condren planner. They are absolutely amazing! Last year, I took an hourly layout but this year, I decided to choose a vertical layout. I don’t plan my days by hours! I love it! There is a lot of spaces for write, extra notes pages, monthly notes pages, stickers included with the planner. So complete! My favorite! The amazing, helpful, motivating quotes within too.

I received my 2018 yearly photobook. I’m so excited! This is my third year that I create a yearly photobook, I print all my photos of the year. I do not love print each photo, I love assembling at the end of the year all my photos of this year and print them in a photobook. It’s so much organized, minimalism. I organize inside my photos by month. I’m in love with this of 2018 because he is so much bigger than the previous ones, I have about 90 pages and about 500 photos against 60 pages last year. He is so much bigger! I LOVE IT!!!

On the first day of the year, I noticed sometimes of weird. In fact all my pullovers/sweats from last year are too short. I grew up since last year! Right! I don’t know why thinking about. How it is possible? I have twenty-two years old! I took about 4 cm in height but I grew up in length of my arms too. Right! It explains maybe my tendinitis in my wrists and my sometimes painful legs/knees. So, I have needed to buy me new clothes, to find new favorites pullover this week was not easy. I’m extremely difficult when I buy something and again more clothes it’s the minimalist life. But! When I fall in love with a pullover, I fall in love! I found this one, this one, and this one this week.

My first day skiing of the season on sunday is of course a favorite.

This week, I started an of my 2019 goal! Drink smoothies. I start easily, I’m looking for easy recipes… I found this one – this week, I tried two different recipes, banana and banana choco. I love them so much! It’s the beginning in my smoothies world. Next week I want to try with strawberries.

This colors puzzle is cool! I currently to building it. It’s so different than the others 1000 pieces puzzles. It looks easier because it’s by colors. But no! It isn’t! It’s more difficult. I love it!


Well! That wraps my favorites of the week. This weekend you could probably find me to breathe for fighting my anxiety.



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