Friday Favorites // New Year Edition

It’s a long time that I haven’t shared some of my favorites. In real, I haven’t a lot to show in some Friday Favorites kind of posts because I do not buy me really new things. Of the fact of my minimalist lifestyle, I haven’t new favorite material things to talk about, these are always the same. Have you already read my post on how my minimalist lifestyle improves my mental health? Well! Let’s a look on my currently favorites of around this new year.

+ Erin Condren PlannerIt’s a few years that I bought Erin Condren planners, the two previous years I bought the popular coiled lifeplanner. I loved it but for a few reasons, I decided that I wanted to try another Erin Condren planner. I have chosen the Softbound Focused Planner. It’s less big without the coil, the inside is more minimalist. And with the neutral color, it’s more beautiful to let it stand on my desk.

+ iPhone 11I put a few years to change of phone but after my last trips at Disneyland Paris it was necessary because he completely bugged. I switched from an iPhone 6S to an iPhone 11 and the difference is crazy! I put a few weeks to habit me to the differences. But I finally love it! And I can’t wait to explore more things about him.

+ Superdry JoggingLast year, I bought a Nike jogging but washing after washing it shrinks so this year I had to buy me another because I had cold so much it started to be short. I’m a bit disappointed for the Nike brand. Well! On a first look previously, I fall in love with this Superdry jogging who looked cozy. I have finally chosen to buy to replace the Nike. And it is amazing! So cozy and keep warm! I wear it during my last trip to Disneyland Paris when it was 2 degrees Celcius outside and it’s kept so hot. I have only one jogging so in sale I decided to buy another one Superdry jogging for the ski season. I love minimalist but one jogging, it’s really short during the ski season. And I know that I could wear it.

+ Nintendo SwitchI got a Nintendo Switch for Christmas. I’m not a video games player! I had a Nintendo 2DS XL that I played a bit only with and the latest console that I played with really it was a Playstation 1 fifteen years ago. I haven’t really played video games since. And sincerely, sometimes it missed me a bit because playing on the iPad was not especially my favorite also. I dreamed that I had again my Playstation 1 to play on the tv because the Nintendo 2DS XL can be good but I loved playing on the tv also.

I can now to do it with the Nintendo Switch, I can play on the tv and in handheld mode and I love it. It’s really cool! I found back some old games that I loved as Crash Bandicoot, V-Rally and some classic also as Super Mario Bros or a brick breaker and I’m looking on some news also. There is really a multitude of games. I love it!


These are my favorites lately! What is your favorite thing in this new year? Right! Next week, I’m on my ski trip so I could be out from the blogging world but you can follow me along on my Instagram account here.



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