Friday Favorites: Halloween Edition.

Hi! It’s Fall and Halloween season and almost Halloween day, I founded fun to do a friday favorites halloween edition special

I love just this one M&m’s White Candy Corn and the packet design also.

I bought this Jack SKellington’s mug on Disney Store online in France but you can found some look same here. I love the pattern, it is cool for Halloween and Christmas together season. A side.

Other side.

I love so much my Pumpkin board that I created by myself hands.

Pumpkin light I’m obsessed in the night with, I’m crazy with that, I found just so fun for the season, rather when outside the night start more early in the evening.

This is really my first that I do, but I love baking Pumpkin, these Melt in your Mouth Cookies are a sweet to eat, I posted the recipe so much I love them.

Halloween movies.

I love them but seriously I’m more with comedy like The Dog Saved Halloween or Ghostbusters rather Hocus Pocus or Scary movies, I’m not Scary Halloween movies really.


I love just Pumpkin deco for Halloween. It’s just all.

I love the Halloween Pinterest Board which I have created too.


This was a little Friday Favorites special Halloween Edition.





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