Friday Favorites: Beach Towel

It’s time like every fridays, I share my favorites of the week.

Last friday, I did a special post because I shared 5 favorites things that I can’t live without.


Today, friday favorites will to be a little special too because I have one favorite to share inside this post.

My others favorites of the week are these summer things, go in pool, eat fruits, enjoy the sun,…




This is my new and FAVORITE beach towel. I bought it on Pottery Barn.

When a day few months ago I surfed on Pottery Barn website, I found this towel and immediately I wanted it.

It was a little hard to place a order on Pottery Barn for buy it me in cause of the new european privacy policy who came out on 25th May, 2018. From the France, the website was completely locked, I couldn’t same see the products on the website. I was sad and desperate, my BPD symptoms and at the limit depression was here so much I wanted this towel and at this moment I did not see how I would order it for this summer as all website was locked.

After having breathe, calm me and thinking, I decided to wait and reflect what I could to do for order it same if on the same time it was completely desperate.

10 days later about I decided to search literally on internet what I could to do for fight against this problem and to can order this beach towel that I wanted so much and… I finally by found, I found two things: one. a lot of french peoples try to place orders on USA websites with no France shipping (I’m not alone about that and I felt good when I saw that), two. I have found the solution for place this order for to have my beach towel. HAPPY!


It was a little complicated and in the same time not complicated, and anxious because it was a thing that I never did before and I asked me it is going to work correctly. I used a tool on my laptop for to have access to USA websites locked since the europeans union and I used a package forwarding company.


AND 8 days after to have official placing order on Pottery Barn I received the towel that I wanted much at my house in France. I have it right away loved when I see it in really.


I buy this towel $29 and for the forwarding towards France I paid $59. YES! I paid the shipping twice more that the towel herself, it’s crazy! But I know what I want to buy and when I see and want something I’m ready for to do the maximum and here $90 for a towel whose $59 of shipping from USA to France.


PS: I looked during about two weeks on all French websites with beach towel, no one pleased me much that this one. 


I’m happy and I love this towel.

She is so sweet, comfortable what I wanted exactly.

She is so bigger 40″ wide on 72″ long/108cm on 182cm. I never had a so much bigger towel like that. She is 400 gram weight. She is made of 100% cotton. I love these mini-stripes. And the colors.

I did not used again really (except wrap me inside) but I’m so excited to use it shortly on my summer family vacation at beach and for the pool.

Friday Favorites: Beach Towel Edition.


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