Friday Favorites

What! The last time that I have done a post where I share some favorites lately was in the beginning of January. Right! These past months, it was hard mental health and when I was depressed a little more each day, it was hard to have some favorites. It’s six months that I haven’t had really some favorites. Lately I finally had a few favorites and enough to share in a post.

Sunset at Disneyland Paris video. I just wrapped the editing of my last video filmed at Disneyland Paris. If you read my post about my diary of my trip in September you know why sunset at Disneyland Paris is very special. It was not a video planned when I left the house for my trip, I had the idea of this video when I was there. It’s a bit special filmed a video without to have planned what filming and when you haven’t really ideas of the final project. I filmed what was in front of me during I was watching this sunset at Disneyland Paris and I filmed the more possible to have enough for the editing of the final project (that I had any ideas when I was there). And back home I took the time to find ideas with what I filmed and I got on my SD Card. It was a bit challenge. It’s the first time that I filming a video at Disneyland Paris like that without any plans and without the idea of the final project. I love it. You can find it here.

Hot Cocoa. Starting slowly the season of hot cocoa. Slowly. Because in September we had some exceptional hot days again here and it was hard to drink a hot cocoa. But drinking hot cocoa is my favorite.

Halloween and Christmas movies. Well! It’s start to be the season for watching Halloween movies and I done it but I will not lie I already also started to watch Christmas movies. I’m more a lover of Christmas movies than Halloween and after to have see Disneyland Paris who placed all the merchandising of Christmas before this of Halloween in the shops of the parks during my past trip. I give up. And I didn’t wait anymore. I’m watching Christmas movies.

Purell Hand Sanitizer. The Purell hand sanitizer is my favorite, except of the fact it has been tested against Coronavirus and is effective in 30 seconds, this one respect my skin. I have eczema and who increased since the lockdown and I was anxious in first when I went at Disneyland Paris and put 300 times a day hand sanitizer on my hands that I could barely support it because of my eczema. But with this one, I can put hand sanitizer without that it’s burn me on my eczema and without that it’s increase it. I can use Purell hand sanitizer many times a day without problem for my skin. This is really an important note for me during my trips at Disneyland Paris currently.

Cocooning Oil Essential. It’s a mix of different oil essentials with Cinnamon, orange from the Puressential, it was my favorite last cold season and after to have took a break from oil essentials during the summer, I recently started back to use. It’s my current favorite again. It’s smell like cozy.

The Art Of Making Memories: How to Create and Remember Happy Memories book, I just wrapped to read this book and I love it.


That wraps for this post about my favorites lately. Thanks for stopping by!


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