Friday Favorites

I will share my favorites. Ok! I had many favorites. My favorites are clearly to do all the Christmas things. But! In this post I decided do not add all my christmas favorites. I could do a special favorite Christmas things post soon. Stay tuned! For today here my favorites.

1. When I go outside now I wear only my Columbia jacket. I love it! She’s comfortable and hot. These last years in winter I was used to wearing parka only that I love so much but it’s good to change a bit.

2. I use so much my color pencils for color my Christmas coloring books. I searched since a time the perfect way for keeping them organized. I found this canvas roll and it’s awesome. Easy to move everywhere! Nice, when I color in my bed on nights.

3. I’m not a tea drinker but during the Fall season, I drunk a lot of hot tea particularly on nights but with the holiday season, I drink more hot cocoa. But! I wanted drink few times a christmas hot tea. I found the enchanting forest from Twinings and I particularly loved it. Little fact, it was the first time that I drunk a back tea also.

4. I did it! Since about two years I wanted to buy me mitts. Gloves are not convenient when you are a photographer, to be able to place your fingers on the right buttons on the DSLR isn’t easy with gloves. And me in winter I have often cold at my hands. I bought these ones and I love them. I can’t wait to use them during photographing this winter outside.

5. I particularly loved the Law and Order: SVU season 20 episode 10: Alta Kockers aired on November 29. I loved the story about this episode. It was not an easy investigation for Benson & co, I loved the acting of the two brothers in the interrogation rooms. I loved it. And so cute to see Kelli Giddish pregnant.

6. I recently have done christmas photos sessions with my cat. It’s so sweet these times! It’s not easy to take photos of a cat! He moves when he must not! But! With a lot of cuddles, patient. That’s perfect!


That wraps this friday favorites! What are your favorites of the week? I would love to hear from you! Thanks for reading!


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