Friday Favorites

Hi! It was a week filled by some mixed emotions. It was my first week after my second solo trip last week. Thinking to my trip is just so good! Thinking to next solo trips too! But! I had few little bad like my psychiatrist appointment (learn more in my yesterday’s post, here). Ok! I have few favorites this week! In all that it’s time like (almost) every fridays, I share my favorites of the week now.


First. On tuesday, I recapped my solo trip in a big post with a lot of photos! I talk inside about all my feelings, thoughts, experiences,… I loved to write it. And to do this recap! That’s helped to put my ideas clear for my next solo trips. If you missed the post, check out here.


Find back this cutie who wanted all time cuddles me is a favorite.


I love pop up books! This beautiful book is a favorite. It’s a pop-up book with some wonderful monuments in this world. It’s just so beautiful to turn one page of the book.


Halloween coloring is a big part of my life currently is a favorite. Just get my emotions out! I love loves coloring haunted house. This weekend, I have a project. Print the same draw many times and coloring it at each time in others colors.

These are my favorite of the week. Thanks for reading!



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