Friday Favorites

It was a really hard week! Few days last week, my obsessional thoughts were calmed and this week they were here so much again. Also, my trouble to talk to my psychiatrist during my Monday’s visit, it was really hard to endure it. I start this beginning of weekend very exhausted by this week with my mind full of obsessional thoughts. This weekend my goal is to catch up last night Law and Order SVU 2 hours 20th season premiere. I could not watch last night from France. It’s time like every fridays, I share my favorites of the week now.


Yesterday evening, I got this from my motivation quotes app on my iPhone. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw it because I posted it. I love it! It was just one thing that I had the need to hear. It was just so sweet!


First Up. Modern Family was back on Wednesday with season 10 premiere in the USA, and Thursday afternoon, I managed to catch this first episode in streaming from France (it’s really cool that I managed to find it easily, I hope it will be so easy too for SVU this weekend). Ok, I loved the episode for many reasons! The fourth July theme because I love the USA. Gloria singing gives me always a lot of laughs. The hot dog contest. Crazy!


Thinking about all Fall colors and stuff… Pumpkins are my favorites.


My Monday’s walk after my psychiatrist visit was a favorite. The appointment with my psychiatrist was psychologically hard because I did not manage to talk to her while these past months I did progress about that. I felt like all progress were lost. But! Post-visit I took a big walk (about 1hour) around the city. I love walking around these parts of the city. It was good after a bad visit. FAVORITE.


Halloween Activity Book. I bought me a Halloween activity book just for fun and I spent a lot during my evenings with watching Halloween movies. I love it! And when I work on in the evenings I have almost any obsessional thoughts.


This week, I baked my first Pumpkin recipe of the season… It was Pumpkin Whoopie Pie. I loved spent time to baking pumpkin recipe and whoopie pie it’s just so good and sweet.

That wraps my favorites of the week. What is important to have favorites even in a bad week.

Thanks for reading. See you on Monday.




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