Friday Favorites

It was a full and complicated week, I had a lot of anxiety crisis and I started a new medication for my obsessional thoughts, if you missed my yesterday’s post I talk about my week here. Now, it’s time like every fridays, I share my favorites of the week.


THIS BIG. The Law and Order: SVU Season 20th Premiere Promo went out this week. I’m so excited!

Last night, Modern Family Season 10th Premiere Promo went out also. Look really fun! I’m so excited!


Wednesday, I shared inside a post here my Pinterest Fall Boards, I love so much spent time to look and pin on my fall boards. It’s an obsession!



I received my order from Erin Condren with my special fall colors notepads, I love them, I can’t wait to use them!


Monday, I did a post where I talk about my Philips Hue Go lamp and how she is a therapy for me. I loved writing this post, if you missed it find it here.


I already talked that I have a cinnamon obsession, I bake cinnamon recipes and I put on a lot of things that I eat. And now, drink! I love this Apple Cinnamon tea, these times, I drink one every night almost.


Watching the Emmys. My first time! The first time that I watch USA Tv in live! I stayed up until 03h00 am but that worth it.


Ok, I love my new school schedule with my afternoons with break and therapeutic stuffs.


Draw and coloring. I’m bad at drawing but I have my new goal to develop my creativity and when I’m drawing, that reduces my anxiety and my obsessional thoughts can disappear during few minutes in the roll. I love spend time to drawing now even if it’s a little hard to find something to draw because I have no ideas and creativity. I drew few things this week and this one is I think my favorite… it’s supposed to be the entry of my favorite theme park where I love spending time.

That wraps my favorites of this week. Thanks for reading. See you on Monday.



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