Friday Favorites


It’s time like every fridays, I share my favorites of the week.



I recently started to try Audible and for my first book I chosen 13 reasons why… because it’s a long time that I wanted watch 13 reasons why on Netflix but I did not found the time for with all tv shows that I watch already. So when I chosen to try Audible my first choice for my first book it was 13 reasons why.


ONE. I do not like really read, I can’t stay concentrate on something when I read in a book, I tried also to read with a Kindle but it was the same result but sometimes I want change a little of watch tv shows mostly when summer is around the corner. I loved the fact of listening a book, so I chosen to try Audible when I saw that the first month was free. I chosen to keep my Audible subscription for this summer months particularly. Have you already tried Audible? What do you thing about? You love or not?

TWO. I loved the book. The story is good. I don’t know how is the show but I love the book and now I do not found really the interest to watch the show. This story is really emotional by moment almost at the end of the book.




I’m always happy when I received a Erin Condren order.



Beautiful weather is spa/pool. GOOD!

I spent a lot of time in.



Ride my bike. About 40 minutes/4 mornings by week, I go ride my bike in the forest around my city and it’s a good time. Ride my bike it was my goal for this summer.


These are my favorites of the week.


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