Friday Favorites

It’s time like every fridays, I share my favorites of the week. It’s look a particularly friday today because I have a psychiatrist visit, I have never of psychiatrist visit on fridays, it’s on mondays, special too because this is a big appointment because my parents come with me on the visit while the last time who come it was in september 2017.



These Nutella Grilled Sandwich are a BIG favorite, I posted the recipe HERE, I ate almost every single days these last ten days. And I want eat them again. It is so Yummy!



On saturday morning, I tested for the first time in my life blueberries pancakes and OMG I love it, it’s incredible good. Generally, I don’t like really blueberries but in pancakes it’s so good, I love the taste.



My cat was sick yesterday, we took her at the veterinary, she going well now, the other afternoon I did a photo shoot with my dslr and my cat out and it was a good time, for once time my cat was so sweet when I took her in photography because usually she don’t like it and run for go away from my dslr.



These two posts that I blogged this week was my favorites…

Summer Clothing Haul. I loved to do a review of what I bought, that’s permits me again of see what I have need to buy again really.

How I organize my work space… I loved to share how I organize a important place for work good and more particularly when you work at home.

These are my favorite of the week.

If you too you share some of your favorites, let’s me know it and entry the link by clicking on the bottom below.


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