Friday Favorites

It’s time like every fridays, I share my favorites of the week.


This week I was a lot depressive, my week include a lot of research for to do everything who could make me feel better and out of depression, I managed to find little things that give me good while this week I launched also my every day in May, I blogged about tuesday HERE, I did a list of small and easy things who can be to do in every day life, things good for my health or mental health and who can help me on my depression down in these days. See you want learn more about my every day goal in May, it’s HERE.


Add to my depression, these last days I started to be sick, yesterday I was at my doctor… yesterday I did a urine analysis and this morning I did a blood test, yesterday I equally started to take some antibiotics. I want to vomit, I have a permanently headache and my tired, so.

Let’s see my favorites of the week.


My every day in May… write this post help me and I already did few things in my list. Yeah!

Tuesday it was labor day in France and in the afternoon my family and I went in the forest grab some lily of the valley, I just spent a good afternoon to do that.

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles,… I love to do bubbles, it’s therapeutic.

I started my favorite season for drink smoothies with new smoothie taste,

I chosen to try strawberry, raspberry, coconut milk, I love this taste, at first I could say that I don’t like it but it’s the first time in my life that I try a smoothie with coconut milk but I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

My favorite this week include eat a KFC’s Kream Ball…

… some nutella crepes.


These are my favorite of the week.

See you monday with a BIG THING. I’m so excited about!


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    • Thanks for comment! Not a easy week with my depression but some good things like even.

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