Friday Favorites


It’s time like every fridays, I share my favorites of the week.

It was not the perfect good week with my psychiatrist visit that I was disappointed a lot, I had a week with a lot of angry and sadness. My week was not perfect good but I had some favorites and some little good things… While I had a lot of favorites during the week.

This video is my big favorite and THE LIGHT OF MY WEEK.

If you follow my blog since a lot of time you know that I live in France and the USA is my favorite country.

This week including the meet in Washington D.C. between the French President and the United States Of America President. The politics has no interest for me. My biggest thing here it’s to see the France and USA together. To see my country and my favorite country together it’s a thing that I want the more in this earth and I feel so good when I see that.

I searched some informations about the situation,… I searched everywhere and on the Donald Trump Instagram I found this video and I love it really, really much, I love all in this video I cried when I saw all France/USA flags together.


The hot days with 30°C/86°F are my big favorites of this week, really I loved these days with a hot weather and the sun, I spent all times of these days outside, to work, take naps or just enjoy the sun.

My How to Travel Solo (what I learned of my first solo trip) post.

This post is a favorite of my week, I love it, I took so good times for write him.

If you missed it, in this post I talk and write of what I learned of my first solo trip that I did in the mid-april, tips of what to do for planning a first solo trip, things to do before, during the trip and ideas of what choose for a first solo trip, I talked also of what tips I used for manage my anxiety on the trip… Found the post, HERE.

This photo is my favorite photo that I took during the week for two reasons…

Ok, first I took this photo on monday afternoon after to be back home of my psychiatrist visit and if you have read my life lately yesterday‘s post you know that my psychiatrist visit was really not good, I was disappointed and I had a lot of angry during the follow few days (always today, same), when I went home on monday afternoon I went to bed so much I was bad. After crying a lot…

I tried to manage my angry with my self help tips… at this moment I chosen the tip of take minimalist and clear photos so I was in my bed I took this one, she’s not beautiful, she is same blurring but took this clear photo has helped… today, she is my favorite photo.

The second reason why I love this photo is my new t-shirt from JCREW that I love so much.

I discovered “Water Beads” in last summer on a blog that I read but I never tried I told me that I could try next summer during hot days. These last days was really hot and after my bad psychiatrist visit this week, I decided to try.

I love this thing so much, it’s so much fun during play with these Water Beads, I discovered that I love so much sensory games, that’s help me so much in my anger or anxiety. Do you know? Does it help you too?

Amazon Prime.

I use Amazon Prime since july 2017 and I love it so much. I love this service since a lot of times but this week again thanks to Amazon Prime I could to have in only one business day my Water Beads that I ordered on Amazon.

Amazon Prime give you also access to Prime Video and this last times I found that they added a lot of Tv Shows, a lot of my favorites Tv Shows including NCIS, Hawaii 5-0 and they are not on Netflix in more with my Chromecast I found a tip for watching Prime Video on my Tv. That’s so cool.

These are my favorites of this week.

Thanks for reading.


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