Friday Favorites

It’s time like every fridays, I share my favorites of the week. This week was made with my recaps of my first ever ski trip in the French Alps at the end of march on my blog and a lot of remembering of my ski trip in my mind. I LOVED THAT!

My super one BIG FAVORITE are my recaps of my first ever ski trip in the French Alps, PART 1 HERE, PART 2 HERE, PART 3 HERE. I loved do them because that’s permets me to do a review of what I did that was good or not… about me psychologically, physically or on my ski practice. I just so much loved and had a good time to do these recaps.

Found my cat… last friday when we went back home, I loved found my cat and give him little cuddles, just little in cause of my allergies.

Side not about this box: the other day I received a order and I put this box to my cat for see if he would like go inside, it’s not the first box that I give him but he didn’t want never going in a box, this time it was a surprise because he wanted going inside and now he stay almost all time inside so that never he wanted going in a box. I’m so happy that he loves this box.

Tuesday Walking. Tuesday for going to my first psychiatrist visit since two and half weeks, I had took the train 3 hours before that usually in cause of train strike. Generally I take the train at 12h46 pm for a appointment at 2h00 pm, tuesday I had took the train at 9h36 am in cause of the train strike, I had 3h30 hours in front of me so I walked it was good but I was fastly tired in cause of my last week ski trip, I was seeing some things in the city that I had never see before and I loved. It was a good, in more the weather was gorgeous.

Another favorite is thinking all about Eggs with Easter time.

These Easter movies, watching these Easter movies including in my march movies review are some good time that I had.


These are my favorites of this week.

Thanks for reading.



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