Friday Favorites

It’s time like every fridays, I share my favorites of the week.

Found skin care creams it’s really hard for me in cause of my skin problems. The other day I navigated on the La Roche Posay website and I founded a cream that I never again tried and she could maybe to be good for me.

This milk body. This is just awesome, I love this cream like never I loved a cream. This milk hydrate well my skin, he is so easy to applicate, soft and the skin is so sweet after, really sweet. I’m a big fan!

I bought the Shoothing Repairing Balm, he helps me a lot on old eczema scars.

St Patrick art.

I worked on a St Patrick project, because I wanted and little art projects sometimes are good for my depression side.

I loved to did it.

In France, it’s hard to found America food, it’s sad for me because I love all of America including food… but during ten days a frozen food store sold exceptionally, some America foods. This oreo cookies’ cream cheesecake was so good. I loved eat.

Welcome, I have a all new design on my blog. I took a long time to found the exactly design that I loved but I finished by found it.

And just that for tomorrow. Four recipes for celebrate St Patrick with anorexia, found post HERE.


These are my favorites of the week.



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