Friday Favorites

My mom’s procedure went well yesterday afternoon in despite of few little health problems, her procedure was to his left arm, his arm is now totally immobilize, I tried to take care of her last night, I will continue today, seriously I’m happy a little that she needs help for simple things because she says always that no one think to her, I will be able to show her that it’s not true.

It’s time like every fridays, I share my favorites of the week.

I loved again more that usually watching Law and Order, I love watching on nights these times.

Yesterday, during my mom’s procedure I was waiting in waiting room with my dad and tv was on, I watched for the first time Winter Olympic, I do not like watching games or Olympic on tv, but in winter Olympic I never thinking that ski and snowboard was inside. My new recently obsession for ski,… I watched snowboard during waiting my mom and I loved it so much watching that, I was awesome. A big favorite it is.

My times with donuts and hot chocolate.

I bought engraving art last week, I did it this week, I love it, I chosen to do engraving art because when I was little I loved to do and that’s not changed, I love always that.

Working on my bed with my blanket, I did it every days.


This week, I am registered on, you love with I have on my blog, please buy me a coffee for support me and encourage me, I could sincerely appreciate it! For buy me a coffee, it’s HERE. I have also put a button on my sidebar.


These are my favorites for this week, see you on monday. xo



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