Friday Favorites

It’s time like every fridays, I share my favorites of the week.

I haven’t a enormous numbers of favorites from this week but each favorites are some really intense favorites.

First, and one of my biggest my sunday’s ski, this one is really a favorite and that’s could to be one of my big favorite of 2018 also. Monday, I review my last sunday’s ski in a post, here.

Last week, I ordered my very first Boden‘s order, I was so excited I heard a lot about this brand and I see some stuffs that I wanted on their website,…

monday I have worn my t-shirt and I love it, it’s so comfort.

My last psychiatrist visit on monday was not good and I felt bad after with my psychiatrist’s behavior.

But I’m managed to found a good thing like even… walking between sun and snow. It was sun when I left my city and when I’m out of my psychiatrist visit and after I picked up a hot chocolate from Starbucks, crazy snow was here. It’s my favorite of the week also.

I just love building this puzzle (I building it once time by week at least) and my cat decided who wants also building with me, finally it was more for to have cuddles.

Just eaten these heart pancakes on valentines day breakfast.


These are my favorites for this week. xoxo



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