Friday Favorites

Hi! Today, it’s time like every fridays I share my favorites of the week…

… expect this friday favorites is my first of the year and that could be my favorites of the two last weeks and not just this week.

There is few weeks ago, I searched a way to watching Netflix on my tv… after a research on I founded Chromecast, I looked more closely and I saw that with this thing, we can watching Netflix or again YouTube on the Tv, that’s awesome, it’s necessary that I buy it, I passed Christmas and in the beginning of january I bought me, since I can’t do without it, it’s just awesome and my biggest favorite, I’ve had enough to watching Netflix or YouTube on my iPad or MacBook, now, I can watching also on my Tv. Bingo in more for me! I had fear before bought it that that’s could be a big stuff but not he’s just very little and keep me in my minimalist home. That’s just awesome.

I declared already who is could be in my book of my biggest favorites of 2018.

Since few months, I wanted to do it, now, I did it, I bought these few decorations for a of my wall in my bedroom and I have no regrets, I love it. The first is my cat, the second is a of my favorites photo that I took in 2017 during my trip to Nice in september, the third is a photo of a Cannes beach photoshoot during a evening in my trip in march.

Monday, I was at my psychiatrist visit and this day it was a really crazy rainy day and I loved walked under the rainy, and after my visit drinking a hot chocolate from starbucks under the rainy before take the way of gare station.

My yearly 2017 book photos, I received it and I love it, these two pages from my trip to Nice in september are my most favorites.

Modern family is a best for watching for my nights.

I ate almost every days some nutella crepes the two past week, in afternoon or in morning.

Of course, my ski day and snow times of my last week trip, if you missed the recap of my trip… days 1 & 2days 3 & 4.

That’s wrap my favorites.

See you on monday, xo.

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