Friday Favorites

Hi! Today like every fridays I share my favorites of the week.

WARNING!!! If you are a person don’t love get out early christmas decorations this post is not done for you. On wednesday, I sarted to get out christmas decorations and I loved, I don’t finished again but I took these little times in christmas decorations out of depression sides. With Christmas Decorations inside my head, my depression wasn’t a lot here this week. PERFECT. My week was full with my independence on the way psychiatrist visit.

That’s OK, my first big Favorite is my progress in my autonomy, on the fear of society, on monday my way alone at my psychiatrist visit.

Second favorite and not a little, this favorite helps me a lot against depression this week, with this favorite I have a little more for hope in the life, I enjoy it, I enjoy it to do it, it’s again in process.

Put Christmas Decorations.

With Christmas musics in background, I already put my tree just rest final decorations, I get out the big principal decorations,… rest to finish and during the next weeks put final touches.

I put my christmas reindeer jump bed sheets also, first wake up with them on thursday.

Christmas LEGO is a definitely favorite.

I order this christmas flannel pajamas from Gap, I love it, I’m ready for wear him.

Anorexia is not here these times, I manage to do not care of calories, I tested a lot of things with a lot of calories inside. This week, I tested these Mint m&m’s and… I love it, in generally I love the taste of chocolate and mint reunited and these little are just a perfection, the mint taste is good here.

My christmas movies nights.

I bough a series of things for christmas baking and I love it.

Yesterday we went in a store with a lot of Christmas Decorations. OMG!!! I loved the atmosphere.

These are my favorites of this week, I know we are just in mid-November and lot of christmas is here… but that give just a good taste a this life with christmas decorations. And depression is out my mind a little with all that christmas spirit life.




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