Friday Favorites

But first, I did, I cracked, in a Panic Attacks I did self harm, it was a long time that I did do not it but this time. I did a lot but just a little for try to get out my Anxiety of my body, I did two or three superficial cuts, sorry!!!


Hi! It’s my normal friday favorites today, I will share my favorites of this week between my Panic Attacks and Depression low. I have few favorites this week, It’s of The season!!!

Halloween Movies: This week I’m launched to watch all night another movie, these are the very last before passing the way to Christmas movies. I shared my favorite tuesday in a post here and inside I add the episodes of my favorites Tv Shows version Halloween.

Building Lego is my favorite these last times and this Ghostbusters Lego is cool, I builded many times in a short time.

Fall PhotoShoot with my cat on last Friday morning was sweet. I loved.

Drink Hot Chocolate is a fav and inside this Jack Skellington’s mug is another favorite. CHECK.

Of Course! Watching new Saison 14 episode of NCIS on Friday night is a favorite time that take far of my depression. Bonus! Last week NCIS L.A. new episodes Saison 8 is again on air in France. CHECK.


These favorites wrapped my favorites of this week in a not easy week with lot of Panic Attacks and with a very big depression low.


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