French Riviera 2019: PART THREE

Well! This is the last blog post to recap my beach vacation on the French Riviera in June! I feel weird. Traveling can be hard with some mental illness, give you more anxiety during change your routines but currently in my life despite of all the travel anxiety it’s the thing who help me the more to reduce or rather to face up to my flashbacks. During traveling, I have also flashbacks with just a few exceptions like in my favorite city where they are lows, but I feel with more strength to live with them. I do new adventures, I took new photos, I try to do new good memories. These new good memories don’t erase the old who give me flashbacks! It’s exhausting and hard physical a travel but it’s clearly my best therapy! I decided to take a map and Pinterest to find new places in the world to discover and create travel plans, even it’s not again travel plans for this year or next year, I take a map around the world to pick up and write down the place where I want to go. I have never done this before! It’s pretty nice to have a real and visual idea of what travel I want to do.

Ok! Here we go, if you missed the first recap here and the second part here. Sharing my three last days of my trip! On day 6, I spent the morning at the pool and reading. We eat lunch in the apartment and in the beginning of the afternoon we took a road trip until Ville Franche Sur Mer. This city is really so beautiful! My eyes all the time were so wow! It was really amazing! It was Sunday and the beach was full so we did not stay on it but this little time in Ville Franche Sur Mer was so amazing! Back on the road, we exploring the little beaches hidden behind the port of Nice before heading back to Saint Laurent du Var and staying on a beach there (there are so many peoples a Sunday on the beach). On the night. An of my favorite time on a beach vacation, watching the sunset (and on this night the sky was in fire!) and eating a soft ice cream.


Day 7. On this morning, it was time to wake up at 05h00am to watching the sunrise. Back to the apartment with my parents after 1h30 on the calm beach, I took my breakfast and done all the morning things. Later, we went to the beach the last time of the vacation. Feet in the sea, laying down on the towel and reading Harry Potter, all morning. On the afternoon, we packed the suitcases, I read again more. Before. Heading to eat dinner in a restaurant in my favorite city Nice. We took a restaurant with a view on the port. It was pretty nice! I rather loved what I ate, risotto with mushroom (I think I love mushrooms now) and a chocolate lava for the dessert. It was around 09h30pm when we let the restaurant to a parking in the heart of the city of Nice and spend a little time around the Place Massena. And my favorite! The water jets on the Promenade du Paillon are illuminated in blue, white and red by night. It’s wonderful and so beautiful! At 11h00pm, we are back at the apartment.

On day 8, we had our flight back home only at the end of the afternoon. So, in the morning, we stayed next to the pool and eating lunch in an Mc Do. We had time before going to the airport and give back the rental car and we did not know literally what to do. The beginning of the heat wave in France happened between the end of June and the beginning of July has started on this day also. We searched for an air-conditioned place, so we went to the CAP 3000 mall. It’s situated at Saint Laurent du Var and it’s an of the biggest mall in France. And there is the air-conditioning mostly.

We finally heading to the airport! There were so many peoples, we waited one and a half hour to drop off the luggage. Our flight was supposed to be delayed but finally, it was at the time and we take off at 06h00pm. When we arrived in the plane, I saw that the pilot was a woman. It was my first flight with a woman pilot and it was really pretty nice to see a woman like the pilot of my flight. I’m happy that the woman can reach their dream to be pilot. Also! I don’t know if it’s the woman in general or only this women but it was an energetic flight, the turns were energetic and the flight duration was only 40 minutes while this flight route duration is usually between 50 minutes to 1 hour. Right! I don’t miss the view at take off from the Nice airport. Nice airport has an of the more complicated approach in Europe (we feel like we landing in the sea) BUT also he is the THIRD airport with the more BEAUTIFUL approach view in the WORLD. It’s so amazing this view!

Ok! Well! The hardest was to go out from an air conditioned plane to a tarmac with 40 degrees Celcius! Aïe! Before wrapping this post completely, I’m sharing my top 10 of my favorite things during the trip.


1. Epic night in Nice on the music festival day.
2. All the time and taking photos in Nice.
3. Watching sunsets.
4. Going in solo watching sunrises.
5. Soft ice creams.
6. Reading Harry Potter.
7. Relaxing next to the pool.
8. Going at the beach.
9. Discover Ville Franche Sur Mer.
10. The fact to travel.

Right! That wraps the blog posts recap of my beach vacation on the French Riviera. It was a pretty slow down vacation and some times to discover new things also. Well! Now, I want always take a full month vacation in Nice! Do you travel this summer? What fun things have you planned?



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