French Riviera 2019: PART TWO

Welcome inside the second part of my French Riviera beach vacation! If you missed part one with the three first days, check out here. The second part of my vacation was my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! We let the apartment and spent one night in Nice, my favorite city ever where I spent my two first solo trips in it last year. It was nine months last time I saw Nice and it was so GOOD to be back here! It’s the second year in the row that the music day festival is broadcasted in live on the french tv happens in Nice. Last year, I saw it on tv, this year I was in real. It was an EPIC night, I have never assisted to a show broadcasted in live or I never assisted to a musical event. I think I can check off one thing of my bucket list before I’m 30.

We leave the apartment after lunch and heading to Nice. The minute where we drive on the Promenade des Anglais, I felt right now better! It’s crazy how I love this city and I feel good! Right! A thing to tell at the end of this vacation, I want to take one full month vacation in Nice! Or moving in this city! All the time that I spent at Nice, my flashbacks were very very low, it was so good! By 03h00pm, we check-in the hotel. My mom took a hotel on the Place Messana where the music show happens to see it from the hotel room window and not to have go down in the streets with all the crowd.

We took a few information to the hotel manager to see how it’s possible to go out and come in the hotel by walking during the evening because of the high-security control and streets closed. My parents wanted to stay in the hotel room, in my favorite city I was not able to do it and I wanted to go out walking and take photos. I let my parents and I went to walk on the Promenade des Anglais before rising by walking the steps until the Castle Hill and go back around the hotel by the old Nice. I walked and take photos during one and a half hour under 30 degrees Celsius. I was exhausted but it’s totally worth it! I’m obsessed with Nice! By the way, I ate ice cream and grab a few macaroons in the shop that I went at each of my solo trip in Nice.


We ate dinner to Subway and I sit down on the beach to eat a Nutella crepe and watching the sunset. And the amazing life around me! Heading back to the hotel, at 08h45pm, the show has started until 0h45am. It was an EPIC and AMAZING night! It’s could to be an of my favorite night of my life!


Next morning, after to have slept about 4 hours, by 6h30am (during my parents are sleeping), I’m out in the city to walking and watching the amazing sunrise show. I already saw a sunset during my solo trip last October in Nice but I never saw again a sunrise in Nice because I felt not enough good to go in solo out very early in the city. Now, I feel good! The most amazing morning! I walked on the Promenade des Anglais until the port. I could to take in photos the #ILoveNice symbol without anybody in front while it’s always full of peoples by day. A thing that I love early in the morning, there are only two kind of peoples out, those who make sport and those who take photos. I finally sit down on the beach and breathe the calm without flashbacks and anxiety during about one hour.


Back to the hotel to eat my breakfast and we took a little walk in the souvenir shops before we let the city in the mid-day and back to Saint Laurent du Var. In the afternoon, it was rainy so we stayed in the apartment and reading. Later, we go out and drink a smoothie on the beach. And to close this day, we watched a firework at night. Ps. It’s so hard to photograph a firework without a tripod.


I’m so grateful for these amazing times in Nice! I want to move to Nice because outside of Disneyland and to be in the mountains to skiing, Nice is my favorite city and the place where I feel good and my flashbacks are lows. Living in Nice, my daily therapy could be walk in the city and it’s could be an of the best therapy in the world. That wraps the recap of this part two. The last part could be out soon. Stay tuned.



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