French Riviera 2019: PART ONE

The first recap of my beach vacation is finally here! Last week, I’m back of one week trip on the French Riviera. I felt not good because of my flashbacks before going on and I hoped really that this vacation could calm my mind. It’s done it! But not much I could hope! My flashbacks were like even less powerful than at home and sometimes I had some breaks during a few hours. It was pretty nice! I managed to relax! I traveled with my parents. Usually, we do our beach vacation in July but my mom wanted to try in June because it’s school time again in France and we hoped for less of peoples on the beach. It’s nice less of peoples but I realized that because it’s school time many summer things or activities are again closed. Often during these summer beach vacation my sister comes with us but this year no because we traveled by plane and she doesn’t want to take a plane. We stayed in Saint Laurent du Var in an apartment in front of the beach and we moved off the city on some days and we spent one night in Nice for an EPIC night! A lot of palms, feet in the pool and in the Mediterranean, get up early, watching sunrise and sunset, reading Harry Potter, eating ice creams. I will share in this recap my three first days. A thing that I did not love about this trip is that on the French Riviera there are no sand beaches and I love sand beaches but in September I have a trip to planned where I could to see sand beaches, so that’s ok.

We take off on Tuesday 18, in the mid-day until Nice airport, I shared a pic on Instagram where I talked that I loved to fly until Nice airport because I fly above the French & Swiss Alps, the day before I took this flight it was three months ago that I wrapped the ski season and it missing me so much AND I LOVED to see the Alps covered by snow from the plane window. I talked also about my feeling to fly! I took my first flight ever four years ago when I was already eighteen years old. I took many flights since and in solo last year during my solo trips. I have never taken long distance flight again. I haven’t a real fear in the plane but probably because of my general anxiety, I feel always a little anxious and weird. We landed, pick up luggage, eat lunch at the airport and check-in our rental car before taking the road until the apartment. We taking the place in the apartment and we leave it on the night to walk on the beach after dinner. Next morning by 10h00am, I spent one hour at the pool to relax and reading Harry Potter. The afternoon, it was on the beach and eating soft ice cream on night time during watching the sunset. The best!

On day 3, it was time to get up early and it’s at 5h30am that I’m out of the apartment (and my parents are always sleeping) that I took a walk around the port of Saint Laurent du Var and sit down on the beach to watching the sunrise. I started to wake up early to watching sunrise last year in my Ajaccio vacation. I love this time of the day! Of course, to watching the sunrise but because it’s so calm also, not a lot of peoples, the weather is not too hot because the temperature rises to 33 degrees Celsius in the afternoons. During the most some days of this trip, I watched sunrises and sunsets. It was amazing! But, it was a little problem also because I went to sleep at 0h00am and wake at 5h00am and I need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep in a night to have rest my head. After a few days like this, at the end of the vacation, I was exhausted by missing sleep. But! I’m so happy to have done some watching sunrises/sunsets times. These are some amazing shows! Best that any other on tv! I feel happy when I watching them! Ok! I spent one and half hour on the beach and I’m finally back to take my breakfast. I went reading next to the pool again on this morning because my parents by 10h00am and not again dressed up. At mid-day, I was back to eat lunch with a tan who started to be really here. During my vacation, I managed to tan, it’s really rare and hard because of my eczema problem, I was surprised! I use La Roche Posay sunscreen and I apply before go at the pool or beach and about every 2 hours. I love the smell of this sunscreen also! After a nap, the afternoon I was at the beach and closing the day by a sunset.

This first part of my vacation including the most stay to relax on the beach and pool to reading, watching sunrises, sunsets and napping a bit in the afternoon. The calmest days! Right! I could share part two soon AND this part two including my FAVORITE PART of the vacation. Stay tuned!




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