French Alps 2018: Part 3

Hi! I hope you have a good day.


Today, it’s PART 3 and final of my ski trip in the French Alps of last month.

If you missed previous parts, check them with the links below.




This final including the two last days, thursday and friday.

Thursday was a special day for so much reasons AND it was my FAVORITE day of the trip.

One, normally I did not have to do anymore ski on this day, I had took a ski pass for three days because on the thursday we planned a trip outside the station for my mom, finally the wednesday my mom canceled what she wanted to do, so like I had booked my ski for four days, I chosen to take another ski pass and to do again the half of a day of ski (I skied on afternoon)… And this day will be in my memory for always, I say it I’m so proud of me how I’m managed my anxiety. This afternoon my anxieties were high but I was beyond my limits. IT WAS SO GOOD. The weather was not good in the bottom of village with fog and rainy but the afternoon when I climbed up the mountain it was snowing and I loved so much that it was snowing and it’s also for this reason that this day was incredible good.

On thursday morning, I chosen in first to do Ice Skating and we walked on the streets on the village ski station.

When I woke up around 8h it was a fog time, rainy with considerable avalanche risks.

After get ready in the morning we walked in the village.

I went to do Ice Skating situated at the bottom of a slope.

Few little informations about Ice Skating: I did for the first in my life Ice Skating in december on my birthday day. I loved so much… during the holidays of the end of the year I did three times Ice Skating and it’s after I did Ice Skating that I decided that it was necessary that I try to do Ski and see if I love that, results… are good, right! I love skiing.

I did not to do Ice Skating a lot of time because I started really to be physically tired after three days of ski and the afternoon I wanted skiing again.

Back to the lodge before lunch I checked the slopes that I wanted to do this afternoon.

And directly after lunch I’m ready at the bottom of the slope.

Ok, right! On this afternoon I wanted climb up the mountain alone in gondola and skiing more in mountain on green slopes. I climbed alone in gondola I did a green slope in the mountain but I was very very very anxious… my goal before climb up was to stay up all afternoon….

After go down the first slope up I felt no good, very anxious, choked,… I chosen to take the hard decision to go down with the gondola. I was a hard decision because my goal was stay up and if I go down it’s that I do not managed my goal… But I felt very bad.

After to be go down on the little green slope of my first day, I was not good always. I took the decision of sit me few minutes and breathe… I sat down, breathed and I finished by thinking, thinking and thinking again… I took the decision after 5-10 minutes of thinking… that my goal it was stay and skiing up so I must back up in despite of BIG ANXIETY. I did it and I finished my afternoon up. I was anxious, tense on my ski but I took the green slopes up, I took same a slope with a little course and I managed to work on my parallel turns also.

I took approximately seven times in the afternoon the chair lifts.

The beautiful thing for me it’s that it was snowing up. I just had a anxious but awesome time, this day will be forever in my head.

After more of two hours of ski, I’m back down and found my family and I enjoyed eat a nutella crepe and a hot chocolate.

This INCREDIBLE day was wrapped with a beautiful in colors sunset.

And by packed the suitcases because next morning it’s back home.

Friday morning we left the mountain around 11h00 and for lunch we ate at Mc Donald, my parents and sister ate in the Mc Donald and me I did not felt good for eat inside so I ate later in car… I took a Happy Meal just because I wanted.

And… we stopped by Geneva, so beautiful city…

I love this Water Jet.

Few photos of on the edge of Lac Leman.

We arrived at home in the end of afternoon, I loved found my cat, he missed me.

This ski trip is wrapped.




Wahoo!!! It was just a difficult, hard, anxious trip but so beautiful, good also.

It was really a INCREDIBLE trip.

On this trip I was: anxious, proud of me, happy, good, afread not to managed, physical tired… I beyond my limits clearly.

Vlog of this incredible part three below.




    • OH!!! I understand so much, three years ago the first time I was, the weather was bad so it was not working and I was disappointed but this time I was lucky.

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