French Alps 2018: Part 2

It’s part 2 of my ski trip of last week today.

If you missed the part 1, see you it with the link below.




On days 3, I skied on the morning and afternoon, around 10h30 am I was on the bottom of the slope.

Little rivier.

Let’s ready for second day of ski. On this second day and in the morning, I chosen to try another green slope… and this one made me go beyond my limits. I chosen this other green slope for skiing on a more longer green slope… she was more long, yes… but she was more steep, the snow was more tough.

I had a hard time for launch since the top of slope, I stayed sit on the top during about 5-10 minutes before launch me the first time on this slope, when I finish to launch me for go down the slope, I left my ski all time in pizza, I forced me after the first descent to go up again and go down again this slope same if it’s for go down with my ski in pizza but for fight this anxiety that I have to going to fast and because the slope is more steep. I did that about 3-4 times and… finally I won.

The follow times, I finished by managed to put my ski parallel (not all time in pizza) and to do turns same semi-parallel turns on the slope, I did not thinking that I could to do that when I’m arrived the first time at the top of the slope. I’m just happy and proud of me!

Anxiety and beautiful view on morning of day three.

I skied during about 1 hour and back to the lodge for lunch.

Exhausted by this morning with a lot of anxiety for go down the slope, arrived to the lodge I’m laying down on the bench of the kitchen.

In the beginning of the afternoon, I chosen to come back at the green slope of the day before.

And I just enjoyed to skiing, I worked on my parallel turns practices, ok, on this slope there is two sides, one more steep and the other less steep… after I see that I managed better the parallel turns on the less steep, I chosen with anxiety to go on the more steep.

I was just so good, I managed so good in relation with my anxiety and after 1h30 of skiing I was good and proud of me because I progressed a lot this afternoon on the parallel turns and on the more steep slope.

Added in more, in this afternoon I was so good after because it was snowing during I skied. A so much beautiful time.

Before back to the lodge, I decided to stop for a Nutella Crepe and a hot chocolate.

In the night after dinner, I played Uno with my mom and dad, my sister didn’t wanted play.


On wednesday morning, after I got dressed early in the morning, I checked my videos of my GoPro of the previous day…

… and see a beautiful sunrise.

I’m ready for start another day of ski.

A sweet and good morning to enjoy skiing and working on my parallel turns always on the more steep slope.

At 12h pm, I’m finally back to the lodge for lunch and I’m back happy, tired and with physical pains.

The afternoon was different. I climbed more up on the mountain, this time not with a ski lift but a gondola and serious I was anxious. I took the gondola with my mom and sister, they are going down in gondola them and me I tried to take a new green slope. And serious, I didn’t managed what I wanted, I wanted stay a long time up on the mountain but take new slopes destabilized and anxious me.

After trying once time the new slope, I chosen to back at the bottom of the mountain with the gondola and going on the green slope of the morning BUT before, I had gone down the slope and for back to the gondola, I had to ascend the slope that I had just come down with ski in chair lift and I was anxious to take it because this is my first and I did not know if I will manage how use it. I decided do not thinking and to take it and thanks to the signals boards which told what to do at what time. I finished by manage to take the first time in my life chair lift with ski and after with the gondola I’m going down at the other green slope.

So anxious I was I did not took really of photos about all that.

After a little, fast recovery time of my anxious experience more up in the mountain, I decided do not wasting time and I skied about more that one hour again on this slope.

I’m back to the lodge, tired, exhausted physically, I ate few mini chocolate eggs and drunk a hot chocolate.

I’m just stayed sit on the couch tired and exhausted after until dinner and after dinner I checked my videos and I watched the tv with my family.

I chosen to finish this day four with a episode of Law and Order: svu in my bed at 10h30pm and sleep with a half of 25mg Atarax.

It’s on this exhausted day 4 that this review is finish… this day 4 was really anxious and exhausted about my anxiety but beside the day 5 it was the chaos but I have like even managed to fight my anxiety and that’s just awesome.

Same if I had all these anxiety and it was the chaos, I loved, I loved these ski times, loved to managed to fight my anxiety.


This is just extra AWESOME THING.

Part 2 is wrapped.

Part 1 HERE.

Below vlog of part two.

See you tomorrow for a wednesdays talk and stay tuned for the final review of this exceptional ski trip thursday with part 3.

Thanks for reading.




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