French Alps 2018: Part 1

Hi friends! Friday I came home of a six days ski trip.


This was just a awesome trip, not easy on every things, every days, I had some anxiety, sometimes big anxiety, I doubted of myself on the slopes but finally I won on my anxiety. I had a incredible good times on the slopes. I progress in my ski practice… and I want just another ski trip next year and every year in my life now.

I went in a ski station in the French Alps, named “La Clusaz”. If I return on a ski trip, I would not choose this station again because I found this is a station more for the ski professionals or with a good level of ski but not for those who are learning, there is not a lot of long green and blue slopes and they are rather short the green slopes. That’s right! It is not serious, I enjoyed like even to do and progressed in ski! I will just not go back in this station.


Today, I start my first ski trip review, my trip was six days, I decided to do the review in three parts, each part is by two days.




Here just some important things about this ski trip.


1. This was my very first ski trip like I started the ski in January this year, this was not my very first trip in snow but this was my very first trip for ski and in the Alps, French Alps.

2. I progressed and managed a lot of things, from take speed during go down a slope and to do face to my anxiety, I fighted my anxiety and I managed to take new different slopes, I can henceforth turn and to do turns in semi-parallel… I start the turn in pizza with my ski and before the end of the turn I manage now to put my ski parallel.

3. I need a new pair of ski gloves. Ok, I need to buy better ski clothes for next year but I really need of new pair of gloves because the two last days this was rainy and snow and after not even 10 minutes under the snow my gloves was soak. Really need!

4. I progressed in my ski basics, to take speed, to do semi-parallel turns but I managed in despite of my anxiety take new differents slopes, take slopes with courses and little small bumps… I know now also take chair lifts before this trip I always took just ski lifts.

5. My physical conditions stopped myself of course, I do not never sports and walk not a lot in my weeks and I’m underweight but I found like even I good managed physically. I was tired only after 1h30 of ski and same if after two days I started to be physical tired I’m managed to do again two days of ski. I exceeded my limits.

6. It’s necessary that I take regularly new different slopes. My anxiety does that take new slopes turn my anxiety more high, for progress and fight my anxiety I noticed that it’s necessary that I take regularly new or different slopes for fight more easy my anxiety.

7. I’m going on this trip with my parents and sister, if I judged in compared by the lot of trips that we have had already did before together, I can say that the relation with parents or sister during all trip was good of course we argued but the relations was good during all long trip.


That was for some important things, soon I will to do a special post about how I pack for a ski trip and what I learned of this first ski trip.


In this recap this is days one (sunday) and two (monday).

Sunday, before the end of morning we finished to pack the car and take the road, we have about 5 hours of road and we passed by Geneva, I just love this city, she is so beautiful and just beautiful with the lake leman.

We have arrived in “La Clusaz” at about 6 in the evening. I see the Alps for the first with my foot on the earth, before I saw them already but of a view by airplane. We check-in our apartment.

This is a view from terrace.

After dinner, around 8h I choose to take a little walk around the lodge.

I love my earmuffs.

The monday morning, we woke up and just see beautiful view of sunrise around the mountain.

I did flight my drone a little.

It was only 9h am and during my family take 3 hours for get ready for to do some errands for the week, I decided to walk in the mountain a little, it was just awesome, fresh air and cold breathe, sunrise and calm.

I walked about 30 minutes, I was tired and out of breathe but I felt good. Before lunch I searched my ski that I had book online in the beginning of march….. and I just love so much the ski that I had, the colors, the size,…

After lunch, I look the slopes plans and check the slopes that I wanted to do this afternoon.

In the beginning of the afternoon I was ready for start my ski time.

Just few photos of the mountains.

Becasue I begin in ski and I do not know the ski station, I choose a little green slope for this afternoon. And another thing, I went on this trip with my mom, dad and sister but I’m the only one who skiing.

Before this day, it was three weeks without ski on this afternoon I had a need to get used to again to slide with some ski.

I love my ski!

I skied about one hour for this first afternoon, this was a little destabilizing and anxious to skiing on another slope that those of my first times of ski at 1 hour of my home but after about 30 mns I managed to take this slope without special anxiety, another thing also it’s that same if it is a green slope this one was more steep that the two that I knew for my firsts at the station near of my home.

After ski, we stoped in the village.

But I was tired a I wanted just sit. We are back at the lodge. I drunk a hot choclate and ate few mini chocolate eggs.

And a little tired, I’m lay down on the bench of the kitchen.

Later, I watched the videos that I took on this first afternoon… during all trip I used my GoPro Hero Session for filming when I skied.

I played Triomino and Mikado with my mom in the night.

I watched one episode of Law and Order before I tried to sleep. But these times it’s really hard to fall asleep and again more far of my home and with my anxiety… during this trip I sleeped in a one person bed so that usually it’s in a two persons, it’s little a bed of one person, lol.

That’s wrap days one and two of this ski trip.

It’s like the begin, it’s the the follow days that my anxiety is more high and that I managed to fight them.

See a little vlog of part 1.

See you tomorrow for part 2.





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