Food: September Goals {2017}

Today it’s my Food: September Goals, and I’m excited for fall season a little, I haste of to could put longsleeves cause I’m have enough of shorts.


About Food, I have few little goals for this month.


See a review of august here.


1- Eat Avocado. In August I founded the good taste of Avocado and in september I want to continue to eat cause, one: I love it and two: this is the alone vegetable that I eat.

2- Eat Fish under any forms, these last few times I loved it eat salmon, I thought which in september I could continue to eat fish and maybe under others forms.

3- Eat favorites meals, it is no longer a privy this in my goals. Eat my favorites meals is always at the top of my goals cause I search to found love in food and in eating my favorites meals, I can found a love in food.

4- Start eat fall food, it’s fall season now with september who has started, eat fall food can be inclue in my meals too.

5- Found taste in Yogurts, I have a BIG, BIG problem with yogurts, I disgusted by them, when I see one I want to vomit, OK, that’s can be a WIDE goal and if I manage to could be a great victory.

6- Chicken, chicken under any forms, that’s in my goals.


Here is my september goals.

Anorexia, you could soon anymore to be there.


After this post and all next week I could to be out of the blog cause I’m on a trip, I could restart to blogging on the 18th monday. Take care.


This is my Food: September Goals.


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