Food: October Goals {2017}

Hi! It’s time for my food october goals.

I haven’t a lot of goals this month because I’m in not good crossing but I try to enjoy all fall things.

See a review of September who inclue different foods on a trip.

I have few and very simple goals for this month. Just three but three good for these times.


1- Eat fall things. It’s just perfect time for that and it is at the top of my goals.

2- Eat Chicken, just because I want eat Chicken.

3- Enjoy to eat Yogurt. Last month was a big turning in this because I manage my goal to eat yogurt, while I had a BIG, BIG problem with Yogurts. In real, I cannot eat all Yogurts but I found one good to eat and I love him (you can see in my last month review). I hope just eat more of the same type or maybe if I found new to eat. Why not!


That is all for this full month inclue Pumpkin, Cinnamon and others season food.


This is my Food: October Goals.


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