Food: November Goals {2017}

It’s 9th November already and I have not posted my food goals of this month.

See a review of October with some bad and good things like eat my favorites foods or eat Fall things and deceptions.


This month is SPECIAL is start THE begin of CHRISTMAS season. I’m honest I’m excited.

I have some goals for this month.


1- Drink hot chocolate. Yes! It’s season with christmas season is coming or cold outside, I drink one in the mid-afternoon for warm me when it’s cold outside and in the night during watching a Christmas movie.

2- Start Holiday/Christmas Food, Yes! It’s about start eat Holiday Food season like include gingerbread things, to transform foods in christmas food, red and green food etc.

3- Eat Chicken!!!

4- Enjoy pancakes in Breakfast time. Yes! I talked in my last friday favorites I discovered and tasted Aunt Jemina Original Pancakes Mix & Maple Syrup and I LOVE IT. I want just continue to enjoy pancakes in breakfast.

5- Christmas Food Photography. OK, if I start to eat holiday food I can start holiday food photography.


Here is go my goals for november about food are wrapped, this the season of CHRISTMAS is counting down.


This is my Food: November Goals.


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