Food: June Goals {2017}

Today, I decided to post my June food goals.


A fast Review of May Here.

I will not lie, actually I’m on a special period with no real evolution, I do not progress really but I do not relapses also, it’s a good thing that, I think some stable periods with no progress and no relapses make may be part of the recovery.

Ok, this month my goals rest the same that the May Goals, these goals ensures more or less my stable period for no relapse.

1- One first of for my goals is to continue to eat my few favorites meals.

2- Try baking new food for photoshoot inclued Summer Bake.

3- Found solutions for eat more fruits and vegetables.

4- To take a good time when I cook for photoshoot or simply for eat.


It is same goals that last month but they are important also for secured me and continue in this special period on the way of recovery of Anorexia and founds tasty in food.

This is my Food: June Goals.


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