Food: July Goals {2017}

Today, I decided to post my July food goals.


A view fast Review of June Here.

Last month was a month with a big relapse, I did not wanted touch to the food but this month I feel that I go up and I want more, so, I will try, this month is also a special month cause I’m on a trip for Summer Family Vacation and which says trip says others manner to eat.


Ok, this month my goals are the simple but I have others new little goals.


1- One first of for my goals is to continue like always to eat my few favorites meals, it’s hard, I have not so much favorites meals of June month with my relapse but rest on the same few favorites like Eggs, like Smoothie etc… and this month try to found new favorites meals for give me back of June’s relapse.

2- I want eat more Chicken, I eat never Chicken but there I want and so much.

3- Bake Summer Stuffs for PhotoShoot.

4- Eat Ice Cream, NO CALORIES FEAR!

5- Appreciate the Summer Food.

6- To take a good time when I cook for photoshoot or simply for eat.


From Today, I take a break on the blog cause I’m on a Summer Trip with my Family, this during few times, I will normally come back on 14th July.


This is my Food: July Goals.


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