Food: January Goals {2018}

Hi! today it’s my first food monthly goals of 2018, I don’t know really how I’m feel about that but it’s time to start and share my goals of january.

Last month with the holidays… my food situation was really good. I ate what I wanted.


Let’s start.



1. Eat Pretzel Bread. or Pretzel, around christmas I ate a lot of pretzel bread ok now I want eat because I love the taste so I decided to put in my january goals.

2. Enjoy Food. Yes! just enjoy, beginning december I had a hard time for enjoy food, now it’s better about that, I founded important to enjoy food if I’m in a period or I’m feel good for enjoy.

3. Hot Chocolate. Drink hot chcolate, christmas is over (for this past year) but winter is here and fortunately with cold winter so I can continue to enjoy hot chocolate.

4. Try to found one fruit. It’s a lot of time that I didn’t eat fruit… in summer I drunk a lot of smoothies but with cold I do not love smoothies, I think it’s necessary that I found a fruit at least to eat. Around christmas I ate a pear, I have rather loved, why not pear? It’s my challenge of january, found a fruit.

5. Found weekly time for bake. Ok, with the new year, I want to have a new routine for bake, I would like to bake (cakes, cookies, lemon bread,…) once time by week the same time every week, I want this new routine and use it particularly at least until summer, I would like enjoy a special same time every week during cold weather like winter or spring. I think particularly on morning of a day between tuesday and friday (monday I can’t I have my psychiatrist visit). I search and want specify “the day” on my plannings the most quickly possible.


That’s wrap my january goals, little challenges inside these goals I’m excited to see if I managed them.


These are my goals of this first month of 2018 and for a winter month.

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