Food: December Goals {2017}

Today, I will talk about my food.


Every beginning of months I do a list with my food goals for the coming month, I dedicate a post with my goals and at the end of the month I do a review of what goals I managed and see on what I must working on again… It was a big help for recovery from anorexia particularly at the beginning from my recovery.


In November, I did goals but at the end of November I did not to do of review because in the mid-november, I started a (very) big depression relapse if there was no a anorexia relapse, the depression relapse gives me not to wanted to eat all simply. I almost nothing ate the last two weeks of november, so, I haven’t really of november review to do.


After this depression relapse, I continued beginning of december and here since about one week it’s a little better, I took the decision for the month of December of didn’t to do goals… with this hard november I just took the decision for this last month of the year of to a break on the goals (if I would have done with my depression relapse I should not have respected them)… Ok, I took the decision for my depression situation and for do not cause shame on my anorexia recovery of not to do food goals for december, I have more depression goals like watching a lot of christmas movies for try to get out of this relapse.

With all holidays, I prefer to do what I can, trying just continued to eat, eat christmas or others stuffs if I want etc Not Goals Fixed in Advance.

I keep in mind to eat, example this afternoon I ate one nutella crepe, I eat extra when I’m feel good for eat.

I could take back my monthly food goals in january.


A favorite thing that I loved in tasty to ate the last month it was big potatoes with cheese.


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