Food: August Goals {2017} & 1 Year Recap

Hi! Today, it’s Food: August Goals but not only this is one year ago that I started to fix me goals for recovery of Anorexia and where am I with these goals? They help me or no? How they help me? One year Recap, I go try to answer to these questions.


I thinking in July 2016 and in August 2016, I started to fix me monthly goals really, I started in January 2016 with Anorexia (here A post about my story), the idea to fix me goals is comes from there is two years ago I’m fixed goals for try to overcome my depression. The principaltely action of these goals was for that I did not lose weight again. Once time that I saw that the goals help me for that, I decided to use it for try to loving food, All is not defeated but this is help me so much and that’s prevented of sink again more.


I did not have my goals on my blog since august 2016 cause I did not know what it could help me, one month after I decided to start.


I have regularly some little or big releapses but these goals help me to stay stable. I fix them each months in function of my psychological state and/or of previously month. I am not good I fix me as well few simple goals but really necessary. In my goals in August 2016 was, stop to count Calories, eat at least 1400 Calories/day, stop weigh me 10 times/Day, these goals aren’t now in goals cause I defeat that. My biggest goals actually are try to love food. I will not lie, sometimes I always fear of Calories and take weight but it does not obsesses me. Goals help me to found love in food but it’s not win. I KNOW!!!


One year after I decide to continue these monthly goals for try to continue to love more food and take the steps on Anorexia.


Take weight for me it’s not feasible but a thing I’m sure, now it’s that I did not wanted lose again more.


See fast July in Review here


Next for this month:

1- Eat my favorites meals, Yeah!!! again, I use this one for to do help me love food in eat what I love.

2- I put in July Goals but I did not have time for choose the solution that I wanted, in August is here again, Eat chicken.

3- Eat and take in Photography Ice Cream, I think it’s last month with last month of holidays, so it is necessary that I do not forget this one.

4- Eat Summer stuff.

5- Take Summer season food in Photographs.

6- Take a good time when I cook.


I think I need theses goals for this last month of summer and holidays time.


A positive Recap is here, after one year have started these monthly goals for fight Anorexia.


This is my Food: August Goals.


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