Five Things that I can't live without

Today, I will to do a new post, I will share five things I can’t live without, that’s can to be for different reasons each thing, calm my swing mood, help my fears, because again I’m feel good with or because that’s can to be inspiration source.

Summary, I can’t live without.

#1 My Blanket.

The first and BIG thing, my blanket is absolutely my favorite thing and I can’t live without. I need her for wrap me inside in every time of the day and I sleep every nights with. When I go on a trip of more that two-three days I take it with me. If I do not have my blanket with me I can’t sleep.


#2 Philips Hue Go.

This lamp is awesome! I got it for my birthday last year and since I use it every single day, finally rather the nights. Because I can’t sleep in the dark, I use this lamp thanks to this lamp I managed to sleep in not a complete dark room but a room almost dark room. If with this lamp, you can use a billion of colors,… you can adjust the intensity of the luminosity and it’s awesome. Before I slept with a intensity to 75%, now I sleep with a intensity to 18%. This lamp helps me so much. I love it and I can’t live without, I thinking same to take it with me on my summer vacation out of home.


#3 Flip flops.

It’s the season, in summer I can’t live without my flip flops, I could same to ride bike with, seriously, that’s give the life so more easy flip flops. I love regularly take off my shoes and put them on 5 minutes later and with the flip flops it’s so easy.


#4 Law and Order: svu or something for watch a Tv show.

I can’t live without watch SVU! Please, told me that I’m not alone?

So, without SVU I can’t live because I feel good, sometimes emotional but good when I watch it, and I can’t live without Netflix/Prime Video/streaming services for watch a Tv show or a movie when I want same if it’s only on my iPhone and not my Tv, I need streaming.


#5 Pinterest.

Ok, there is a ton of things inside Pinterest that I can’t live without. A lot of inspirations/ideas about everything life/organization/clothes/travel/food,… I love constantly look in Pinterest for find new things/inspirations.

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And you… you can’t live without what?


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