Five Friday: Special Easter

Today, that’s will be a little different that the friday favorites.

I’m just back today late in afternoon of a ski trip all week. It was a hard and awesome ski trip. Stay tuned for see my trip review next week. It’s almost easter day so today that’s will be a five friday special easter.



Last week, I did a post with all about easter, why I love easter, easter touches with decorations,… Eatser post HERE.



Easter movies, I talked about easter movies in my March Movies Review on monday, see you did not see the post, found HERE.



Easter Pinterest Board, I created a exclusive pinterest board for easter, found HERE.



Easter art. I founded a lot of easter arts or crafts on Pinterest, a little easter art activity is just so good for depression side.



Mini Chocolate Eggs. Eat, I love eat mini eggs.


These are five things on friday: special easter.




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