Five Favorites Of The Moment

It’s about one month that I do not shared a few of my favorites. I generally try to find even on bad days some favorites things in each day. But, these last weeks it was really hard, I could not find favorites things, the only that I have it was my ski trip. These very last days, I finally succeeded to find a few favorites things. Right! This is a long way. Do you find favorites when you are on really bad days?

New Bracelet Mickey. The day after I left Disneyland Paris in December 2018, I wanted to buy me a little something about Mickey to wear regularly. Because now since my trip I’m obsessed with Mickey. I thought a t-shirt but we are in winter and I do not wear of t-shirt mostly I’m cold all the time, even in summer. I finally thought to a sweat. And! After I thought to a bracelet. During a few weeks I searched a bracelet with Mickey that I love. I have found it one! Monday, after my psychiatrist visit, I went to the shop and buy it. I go rarely buy in shops because I do not like and my social phobia but I was there and I’m happy! I love it! This is the first bracelet that I bought me in 4 years. I’m happy! I have Mickey with me all the time and in my heart.


Watching The Suite Life on Deck. I love watching The Suite Life on Deck currently, I’m obsessed with. I watching it on nights generally. It makes me laugh! But, I’m always not able to remember which twin is Cody and which is Zack just by looking at them. Right!


Photobook & psychiatrist visit. Monday, I shared with my psychiatrist my yearly photobook of 2018. I love sharing with my psychiatrist some photos even if in first I’m a little nervous because I don’t know what she might think. She loved my photos and when she saw my photos about Disneyland, she told that she wanted to go! It was nicely to share my photos with her.


Look at the photos of my ski trip in Alpe d’Huez & Disneyland Paris. In these currently rough times, I love and I feel good to look at my photos of my ski trip in Alpe d’Huez last month and day trip at Disneyland Paris in December 2018. I can’t stop to watch the photos, videos. I feel better when I’m watching them.

About my ski trip: during the trip, I bought a little snowflake and I hung it to my puffer coat, I love it.


Modern Family is renewed for a season 11. New, just learned tuesday. Modern Family is back for his eleven and final season. I’m happy! The current and season 10 was supposed to be the last and there is one more again. It’s so cool! Modern Family is an of my favorite tv show. This is my best favorite comedy tv show. I’m happy that the show is renewed!

These are five favorites of the moment! This view I can’t stop!


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