Five Favorites Of The Moment

Well! Since a few weeks and if you read my blog you know that my days are really hard recently. I’m feeling just so bad, since I was diagnosed with C-PTSD my flashbacks are more powerful and I have a lot of sleeping troubles. On Monday during my appointment, my psychiatrist tried makes me talk about my flashbacks but I did not manage. It’s really hard to talk about my flashbacks, I can’t, I feel so bad! She told me that it’s could help me to feel better. But each time I tried to talk a little I felt worst after. I will maybe to send her an email because she does not know that again. Currently, in my life I do not manage to talk and describe my flashbacks. My life lately was a complete down, I’m so exhausted and I clearly want to do nothing and not motivated. On the sunny day over here I tried to go out in the backyard a little but I’m not able to stay a long time. It was hard to find five favorites so much I’m down but sharing five favorites of the moment.

Lay down in my bed. Oh! Yeah! Did I talk that I was bad and not motivated?! I spend most part of my day in my bed. I know it’s not good but I’m really not motivated and paralyzed by my flashbacks currently. It’s my favorite to lay down in my bed! I do not sleep all day, I do some things but I do them in my bed.

Oh Mickey you so fine T-Shirt. I’m currently in the obsession to buy me one or two t-shirts about Mickey for this summer. When I saw this one, I know that it was the one that I wanted. I wanted Mickey t-shirt but I was searching for minimal Mickey t-shirts to easily wear it every day and not only the day I will be in the parks. Ok! Disneyland mood helps me to reduce my flashbacks.

My new TOMS flip flops. I had some flip flops from TOMS the same pair during three years, I was my only pair and I used it all summer during three summers but at the end of the season last year I had to throw them because they were broken. I was really sad because I loved my TOMS flip flops. But, the good news is that I have found a new TOMS flip flops pair that I love.

Nutella Stuffed Cookies. I regularly try to do a few new recipes who inspire me to eat different food because if not I eat only Pasta. Since a few months I wanted to try Nutella Stuffed Cookies, I finally did it and it’s so yummy. I love Nutella! So, it’s so tasty Nutella Stuffed Cookies.

Planning a second Disneyland day in the summer. Right! I have a day trip planned in June at Disneyland and the next time after this trip was supposed to be in September with a big trip this time and not just one day. But! Between June and September there is three months and I found just too long, I feel so bad currently and I need to plan things in my happy place. So, I decided officially to do a trip every one and half month at Disneyland. I think it’s the perfect time between each trip! Today, I booked train tickets for a day trip in July also! I need motivating thing in my life!

That’s a wrap! These are my five favorites of the moment! Thanks for reading!



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