Five Favorites Of The Moment

I’m in some particularly difficult days with my anxiety and pain these times. I’m also now at less of seven days until my solo trip in Paris and my anxiety is really here. I was not so much anxious many days before to going on my first solo trip than on this one at Paris. Talking about solo trips! Today is a special day because it’s on this day 10th April last year that I went on my first solo trip in Nice, this first day was special and I remember it like if it was yesterday. I’m grateful that I was able to have the courage to do until the end what I wanted despite my anxiety. My solo trips last year were the best thing of the year! I want to do the same for my Paris solo trip even if it’s anxious me again more than my very first solo trip. Taking breathe! Now, trying to take a little break in my anxiety and I’m sharing my five favorites of the moment.


Law and Order: SVU renewed for season 21. My favorite tv show ever! I was so excited when I saw that it was renewed for season 21. I love SVU! And I’m just happy that it’s renewed and watch new stories! Happy!

Photograph flowers. I’m not a flowers lover but particularly this year I developed a love to photograph some kind of flowers and I have a particular love for Cherry Blossom. The other morning after a hard anxiety attack before sleep the night before, I decided to go outside in the garden on a sunny morning and photograph the blossom trees.

Nutella Kream Ball from KFC. I recently reduced my quantity of hot cocoa with the hotter weather. Sad time for me!  And let place to ice creams! A day I went out and stopped for my first ice cream at KFC and discovered their Nutella Kream Ball. Well! I love Kream Ball! I love Nutella! Now, each time that I go outside I stop by KFC to eat one. Fortunately, I go out from home only every three days!

Mickey T-Shirt. During my day trip at Disneyland Paris in March, I bought me a Mickey t-shirt. Since I go at Disneyland Paris I’m obsessed with Mickey! In February after a few weeks to find the perfect little “Mickey” thing to buy, I fell in love with a bracelet. That I keep all the time! I knew that from this day trip in March, I wanted to be back home with a clothe stuff. I fall in love with this Mouse Party T-Shirt from 90th Mickey birthday that I already spotted during my trip in the park in December. I love it! I want to wear it all the time!

Ski video Winter 2019. I wrapped my ski video of the season! I have done a ski video about my ski trip in Alpe d’Huez during January but I shooted with my GoPro during my ski sessions on the ski resort near to my house this year also. I equally particularly progressed during my ski sessions after my ski trip in Alpe d’Huez so I wanted to take together all these videos and to do a ski video of the season 2019. I love it! I love to could watching it again and again. Now, I love watching the difference between the ski video of my last year ski trip at La Clusaz and the one of this year. I love to see how I keep better all time my ski parallel. I’m obsessed! I have to need definite my ski goals for next season now.

That’s a wrap! These are my five favorites of the moment! xoxo



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