Five Favorites Of The Moment

I’m back from a big full day trip at Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios parks. It was an amazing day! I will share some photos about soon. Stay tuned! Today, I’m sharing my five favorites right now!

Ski skidding. My best surprise! I know to do complete parallel skidding turns. I’m so happy! It was not my goal for this season! I already wanted to do parallel turns but not skidding! In a couple of ski sessions, I’m now able to do some skidding. In February, I started to do some skidding on the end of my turns and now in March, I’m able to do some complete skidding turns. It’s so fun! Since, I’m able to do some skidding turns, last week, I was in confidence and I took my very first blue slope. It was really so fun!

Watching Psych. Tuesday, I shared my favorite tv shows. Right! Currently, my obsession is watching Psych, I’m watching many episodes in afternoons/nights.

Cheese Pasta. This last past month with the moving, it was all the easy food. I love cheese pasta much right now. It’s easy and I do not want to consecrate a lot of time cooking, it’s yummy also.

Working on my Paris trip. I’m at about one month away of my few days solo trip in Paris. Honestly! That gives a few anxieties. Paris anxious me. But I love to plan my trip. It’s not easy compared at when I planned my solo trips in Nice last year because Nice I went about five times before going alone. I knew rather good the city, the streets,… Paris, I was just once in my life (5 years ago) and I did not do much in Paris, I climbed the Tower Eiffel and Arc of Triomphe, I did Versailles also but it’s all. I do not know the streets of Paris. So, it’s much complicated, this is the first time that I plan a trip in a city that I do not know. It’s exciting but I’m anxious a little.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I’m at my third Harry Potter book since January, it’s exceptional! How did I do? I have some good times to read Harry Potter books on nights before watching tv shows. When I finish reading a chapter, I always excited to read the next.


These are five favorites of the moment! Ps. I don’t add my trip at Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios parks this week who is also a favorite now. What are your current favorites?



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