Ferris Wheel & Chinese Restaurant

During my Wednesday night trip at the fair… I did my first time ever FERRIS WHEEL.

I never did of my life before and it was a goal for my summer so I wanted to try, it was not anxious. But I can’t lie when the wheel has started I’m starting to be a little anxious to be inside this. I felt like in my favorite world “ski” because it was some gondola on this ferris wheel like I took in my ski trip back in March. But I was a little different like even. The ferris wheel climbs up until 165 feet. The gondola at the ski, climb always more up for go at the top of the slopes but for the ferris wheel it goes around in circles. So, a little different. I was a little anxious in but I’m happy to have done it and I will go to take ferris wheel in my life again. I’m proud of me to have done an of my goal again once time.

And I had this beautiful sunset at the top.

Ferris Wheel: done.


For lunch on Wednesday, I went with my parents eat at a restaurant, a Chinese restaurant and it’s equally my favorite restaurant since that I’m a child, during my chilhood I loved to come eat at this restaurant. It was good to eat there, the last time it was on my birthday in december 2017.

I ate Chinese noodles with lemon chicken. Simple and good.

Like dessert, I took a chocolate sundae.




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