February Top Five

I will start a new monthly series, each month I want to share my best top five. Writing my post 50 Things that make me Happy, makes me think. There is a lot of good, I try to including them in my everyday life. I love to see how my favorites change in function of the month, season,… I had the idea to do a new series where I will share each month, my absolute top five during the month. I think that’s cool! It’s always a good reflection because I had a lot of hard days in February and that shows me that there is some good too. Write and keep these things to remember what are the best in my life and see what kind of things I need to include in my life, to going on the way of happiness.


1 – Modern Family renewed for his 11th season.

I’m happy that Modern Family is renewed for his 11th season. Modern Family is my favorite tv show with Law and Order: SVU. The currently 10th season was supposed to be the last. It’s so cool! The 11th season will be the last one. That’s sad! But it’s really cool that finally, there is another one season. That gives me all the happy feelings! My favorite characters on the show are Joe (he is too cute and a good actor), Claire. Now, that Haley is pregnant I can’t wait to see how the writers give her the next step.


2 – Ski skidding on the end of my turns.

I talked a little in the Winter Wonderland post this month. I shared a lot of photos and my feelings about a ski session. Unforgettable, with the moving I had not a lot of occasions to go in the mountains for skiing in February. During the first session of February and three weeks after to be back of my week ski trip in Alpe d’Huez (three weeks without skiing), it was surprised how I was able to skiing. In fact, I continued to work a lot on my parallel turns and I finally started to skidding on the end of my turns. I was so so happy when I did it! It’s a big step in my ski practice mostly with my anxiety! I could come back a second time in the mountains to skiing and training on my parallel turns and skidding on the end of my turns, it’s really so good!


3 – Tyding Up with Marie Kondo.

I love organizations, I love minimalism! You know maybe already if you read my blog since a long. The days before the moving and during the moving too, I watched Tyding Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix, I was obsessed with. I had so much fun to folding my clothes after moving my closet. But! My favorite thing about it’s when she told to keep only things who “bring joy”. Normally, I have already only things that I love and I buy only new things that when I’m really sure that I love it. Even if I must wait one month before buy it! Her show, helps me to refine again more on things who bring me joy and decluttered my already minimalist bedroom.


4 – Mickey’s Bracelet.

I’m really obsessed with Mickey since my birthday trip at Disneyland Paris in December. I had the idea since, to buy a little thing with Mickey to wear daily with me. I bought a new bracelet this month and I’m obsessed with! I love it! I did not take off since I bought it. I can’t wait to see Mickey at Disneyland Paris in March. I want to go looking around the park to find hidden Mickey. Oh boy!


5- Harry Potter books.

I started and managed an of my biggest goal for 2019. Read books! Learn all about in my recent post hereNow, I managed an of my biggest goal “reading”, but I have loved the books that I read. In February, I finished Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I FINISHED MY FIRST FULL NOVEL IN MY LIFE! Right! I started Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and I have almost already finished it. I loved to read these books, the story that follows between them. I don’t know what told what I love the more because it’s the first time of my life that I read a full novel. The story entrainment me just and it’s cool to do another thing that watching tv shows. Nothing else! I’m excited to read the next books!


Right! These are my February top five! What things are in your top in February? I would love to hear from you!



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