February Movies Review

Hi! It’s my February Movies Review today.

Since I started my new goals of watching more movies… it’s just awesome! I love passing more time to watching movies.

This month, it’s a little weird I watched a lot of movies and in the same time I feeling I watched not so much like this month is more shortly.

I watched some new movies and some movies that I already watched, I tried in maximum for this last full month of winter to rest in winter movies (with snow,…)  and with a little Valentine’s Day movie for valentines day.


Let’s see what movies I watched in february.

Mr Popper’s PenguinsI watched this movie in the beginning of last year for the first time with my parents, I immediately like it. I bought the dvd in december and I watched twice this month, I love it, he is fun. My favorites parts are when the apartment is full of snow and they do ice skating inside, when the penguins slides the Guggenheim and the scene of Mr Popper and Penguins are dancing.


Charlie and the chocolate factoryThis movie I have never watched fully before, (Yes, I said that I did not watched of movies in my life before). My favorite of this movie is that I found he gives a moral of the story… this is not because you live not in a lot of money that you do not have chance on some things. Keep believe in things. If not my favorite part of the movie is the scene in the chocolate factory with the chocolate riviera, at this time of the movie I want eat all chocolate of the riviera can not matter the number of calories inside. BINGO!!! #outanorexia


Valentine’s DayLast year, I watched this movie on valentine’s day night, this year I wanted again. My biggest favorite of the movie is this scene on the photo above, that’s give me laugh a lot (very lot). If not it’s hard for me to say my other favorites parts because I do not love watching movies with romance but I wanted and I love watched this movie on valentines day.


Home Alone 3I love the 1 & 2 movies and 3 too, I just love watching 1 & 2 around christmas but the number 3 is not with christmas but with a lot lot of snow, it’s perfect for watching in winter outside christmas. My favorites parts of the movie is all troubles Alex gives to the bad guys and my most sadness (Welcome Borderline!) part is when in the beginning of the movie her family did not believe in him.


Beethoven 4thI complete my Beethoven’s Movies Watching after watched from 1 to 3 plus christmas movie in january, I continue the other movies and here the 4th. This movie compared to 1, 2, 3 I do not like it, I just love Beethoven’s painting scene and the obstacles course scenes, it’s all. Not my favorite Beethoven’s movie.


Honey, I blew he kidLast month I watched “Honey, I shrunk the kids” I did not so much like it but this one YES!!! Omg, he is so so fun this movie I want watching it again. I can’t tell my favorites parts really because all movie is a favorite, I had a lot of laughs with the scenes inside the home where the Adam’s family try to makes him sit down. When I was writing this post, I went see on google about this movie and I see that Adam was play by some twins, I founded a little different faces on Adam character between the beginning and the end of the movie, it’s more clearly for me that I founded different faces.


These are some movies that I watched during february, ok, I watched again few others that I already watched in january and that I watched again because I loved so much, the others movies are some as Cheaper By Dozen, Beethoven 3rd, Paddington or again Home Alone 2 I did.

Bip, bip, I think all movies I watched in february is wrapped.

See you tomorrow.


To see the movies I watched in January. HERE.




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