February Goals 2019

It’s time to write my February goals! Ok! These last days were really hard, January was hard. I feel with more hope for February. But! This month it’s a big time because we are moving. I risk to be destabilized. I could to have fun also to have to re-organize all my things in the furniture. I love to organize. This weekend, I watched Marie Kondo on Netflix. I’m so excited to organize! We here go! A little recap of January goals before these of February.

In January I wanted…

Enjoy all the winter things. Well! I was excited because in my town it was snowing on some days, watching the snowflakes it’s so magical. I was on my ski and surprise of how I managed it after about 8 months without skiing. Cozy sweaters, hot cocoas, all the things! I love winter. I shared my nine favorites things to do during winter in a post here.

Ski trip. On the third week of January, we went in the mountains on a full week ski trip in Alpe d’Huez. It was an amazing trip. I shared the details with part one, part two, part three. Let it snow! I progressed on my ski practice, I can turn parallel on green slopes, skiing faster without much anxiety than last year. Success!

Look on two different motivating quotes by day. Quotes are my inspiration every day. I make sure to look on different by day, by turning on the notifications of my motivation quotes app that I have on my iPhone. 

Fix the places for my next solo trips. It was hard but I finally fix the first next place for a solo trip. I had in the mind already last year and even if I doubted because this is a destination who anxious me. I have chosen it! PARIS! I have chosen Paris in April for my next solo trip. I have a few ideas for the trips following after Paris. But I’m not fixed! I could be fixed after my trip in Paris in function of how I feel socially, my anxiety,… I could choose a trip outside of France or inside of France. Well! Paris, next! Ok, please if you are already traveled in solo at Paris and if you any recommendations for a solo female journey in Paris, I would love that you share it with me.

February Goals.

Stay cozy in the moving. In the moving process keep a comfort zone is hard, I want to pick up few items like my cozy blankets, hue go lamp,… to stay cozy in my head during this big change.

Wardrobe Spring Capsule. Well! I do not have a lot of clothes but with the moving, I could to declutter again more my clothes and in the way, I want to start my wardrobe capsule for spring.

Finish my ski trip video. I have a video in the editing of my ski trip in Alpe d’Huez. I love editing videos but ski videos, I find them particularly hard to edit with all the details like what I want.

Find and grab the little decor for my new bedroom. I have a lot of ideas for the decor of my bedroom… I just need to find them. The perfect little decor that I want and find me good in my new bedroom.

Wrap up my first Harry Potter book. If you read my post with my 2019 goals, you know that I do not read a lot but that I launched me the challenge to read Harry Potter books this year. I never read them! I’m so surprised! I started the first book in January and I can’t believe how I managed to read and much. I read the half of the book and this month I want to try wapping it.

All the winter stuffs. Last full month of winter officially. Winter is my favorite season and despite of the moving I do not want to forget it. Enjoy the cold winter, and all the winter favorite things!


Well! These are my goals for February! What are yours? I would love to hear from you!


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