February Goals {2018}

Hi! It’s time for my february food goals and there is a little change.


Every month I have two different lists of goals (life in general and food) but on the blog I concentrate me only on my food goals, now I will put the two together, I will to do each month a goals post with my “life goals” and “food goals”. Why this switching? Since 1 year and half ago where I started my monthly food goals, I did a lot of progress, these monthly goals helped me a lot… and always today, but I found now that I need less of goals for my recovery of anorexia because I already did a lot of progress. I want always keep my food monthly goals they help me to stay stable but I wanted give them less of significance… and as I have also every month some goals for life in general, I decided to bring together the two monthly goals.


Before switch to my february goals, let’s recap january food goals.

1. Eat Pretzel Bread. I choose this goal because in december and around christmas I loved to eat pretzel bread and I thought that in january I’d would like too but in real I did not want eat anymore in january… just the first days of january and after I did not wanted anymore.

2. Enjoy Food. I enjoyed the smell of food but not eat food.

3. Hot Chocolate. Yes!!! It’s done every days for these last winter times.

4. Try to found one fruit. This goal was my biggest of january and I was able to manage it, I ate not one but two different fruits in more. Banana and Pear. I love the two.

5. Found weekly time for bake. After a long time of research, I researched a day to baking the same every week (between tuesday to friday and on morning more particularly) after a lot of time I choosen. Ta-Da…!!! the friday morning.


It’s now time for february goals.




1. Buy Spring Clothes. I need to buy spring clothes, I haven’t a lot and I need clothes for spring weather, I chosen to start to buy them this month because in france it’s the winter sale until the end of february and in the same time the brands come out spring/summer collections and during the sale they can to do also some code promos or reduction on new collections. In more, I’m in love with winter cold and cozy and to buy spring or summer clothes during cold weather that can give me want and to be excited to be in spring while it’s not my favorite season.

2. Valentine’s Photography. I need and take few photography which is around valentine’s day, I never to do that before and this year I want started.

3. Stay cozy with winter weather. Enjoy the really last full month of winter with cozy because same if after winter we can stay with cozy things… it’s not the same thing.

4. Prepare summer vacation. I just need to prepare summer vacation with my family.



1. Transform food in heart form. It’s valentine’s day month and just for have fun I want to transform things (sandwich, cake,…) in the heart form. Just for fun and take photography.

2. Eat Chinese on Chinese New Year. It’s that goal.

3. Try five new different fruits. After the successful of january with my goal “try to found one fruit” I still want to go further with try again five new different fruits.

4. Hot Chocolate (Drink last season). Last full month of winter, last drink of hot chocolate, it’s important.

5. Ready with new weekly baking. I choose the day… now, it’s time to do work it. Perfect!


That’s wrap this post. What are your goals for february?

See you tomorrow for a Wednesdays Talk.


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