February Box Review

Let’s sharing the review of my February monthly box! First, what is my monthly box? It’s include one book that I chosen for read during the month and a few beauty products that I have never tested. Well! Last month was my first ever monthly box, it was a pretty success and I loved the concept!

I’m a bit happy because for the month of February, it was a success again despite my mental breakdown who has continued to hits me. And in more I really loved what I read and tested! Alright!


Book Title: Crazy Rich à Singapour (English Translate: Crazy Rich Asians)

Author: Kevin Kwan

Original Summary:

When New Yorker Rachel Chu arrives in Singapore on the arm of her boyfriend Nicholas Young, who has come to attend her best friend’s wedding, she just thinks of spending a peaceful romantic vacation. But handsome Nick “forgot” to tell him that his family is one of the wealthiest in Asia, that the planned wedding is The Event of the Year, and that he is the most coveted heir of Asia. all of the Far East!

For Rachel, the dream vacation turns into a real obstacle course – in stilettos and couture dresses … Chinese-American, poor and commoner: good luck!

My Opinion:

For the month of February, I looked on one kind of Valentine’s Day mood book. After a few research on Amazon, Crazy Rich Asians was one book who comes back and the one who inspired me the more. I already hear talk about the movie Crazy Rich Asians but never watched. Well! I tell me why not launch me to read the book. These last times, I’m pretty inspired by Asians because I have my heart since the beginning of December for Hong Kong Disneyland because it’s with Disneyland Paris the two Disney parks who have reclosed many times during this Covid crisis. Right! Hong Kong Disneyland has had the chance to reopens on February 19, I’m really excited for them, even if it’s a bit sad also because Disneyland Paris was supposed to reopens on February 13, but lately I have my heart for Hong Kong Disneyland and I just hope that they don’t have to reclose a fourth times. Right! It’s not the subject of this post but with this I’m pretty interest by Asians. What is a biggest reason why I chosen this book!

With more than 500 pages, I’m pretty proud because I read it in two weeks. This is an extremely challenging thing for reading and reading so many pages in a so short time for me. It’s almost exceptional! In general, I pretty loved read it, each time that I took in my hands, I was excited to read the next pages. It’s changed of my book of last month where each time that I finished to read a few pages, I felt bad and anxious.

I’m not doing book reviews since a long time so I don’t know again how write or describe what I loved about the book. But I pretty loved it! Maybe of the fact that it’s makes me travel? Maybe because each time that I read Hong Kong, it’s makes me happy and thinking to Hong Kong Disneyland? I don’t know exactly! The end of the book when Rachel learns the true story about his father has been pretty intense for my mental health. And remember all the families names were impossible for my memory. But! One thing, even if currently I feel lost and I don’t know always what I want in life. Reading this book makes me realized (even if I knew it already) that to buy material things are not one thing that I love. And again more when it’s in the excess!


Products name: The Ritual Of Ayurveda

For what use: Body, Hairs

For Christmas I got a box of The Ritual Of Sakura of the brand Rituals and I absolutely love it. I wanted to test another box of the brand. They have different Rituals products and I finally chosen The Ritual Of Ayurveda because the products were in the colors theme of the month, I found and it’s inspired me. Right! I absolutely loved these products. From the shower mousse to the body cream, I absolutely loved the smell. They don’t get me troubles on my skin with my eczema who is high these times with my mental breakdown also, it’s a really important note for me. Right! I just want to test more Rituals now! I love these products. It’s a recent discover because the first time that I used one of these products it’s from the box that I got at Christmas. I just want to test more. The smells are so good! Right! That wraps this post! Thanks for stopping by!

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