Favorites Of The Week

There, a little look on my favorites lately. Despite some bad days, I have many favorites! And! I managed to find favorites in the bad days. What progress! It’s the biggest and best deal to find favorites same little in the bad days for me. You too? Guys! Stop Sertraline is not easy. I had many bad times. Little look on the best!


I received my new Saranoni blanket. I waited for it since more than a month. I’m so excited! I have already a home throw blanket from Saranoni and I wanted to buy a second and bigger for the winter and cold season who coming. I love so much more sleep just with blankets on nights than with a duvet. I’m weird?! They are so soft and cozy the Saranoni blankets. I loved them!


It’s official! I started slowly the Christmas season and mostly the spirit who gives me, good. This weekend, I did my new Christmas 1000 pieces puzzle. I love it.


Monday, I drunk in my first Christmas cup from Starbucks of the season 2018. I was so excited! Ok. Monday afternoon, I had my first psychiatrist visit since three weeks. This one was a little better than the last. I managed to talk! After the visit. I took a walk around my favorites parts of the city and I spied the construction of the Christmas tree. Awesome!


I bought me a new vest for this winter. Last winter, I wanted already a vest like that. Because I have just a khaki parka from abercrombie and fitch! But finally, I gave up! And told me that I could to see next winter! So, I was excited to buy me this one all summer. I loved this one and the color from Columbia. She’s comfortable, light and keeps you hot.


I took a bike ride in the forest. Just all my heart with all these leaves! And the hot cocoa season has started.


I explained in a post early this week why I love to start Christmas spirit early. I just loved so much to write this post! It was awesome for my mind! If you missed it, you can find it here.


Yesterday, it was one month day to day that I went back from my second solo trip in Nice. I remembering my trip every single day! Many times by day! I can’t stop to think about. It was an amazing trip! So, at this occasion, I edited a video about this trip. And! Now! I can’t stop to watch this video.

Right! It was my favorites between the bad times. What was your favorite this week? I could to love hear from you.



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